The Vision

Shad and Tanya grew up high-school sweethearts right here in the Tampa Bay area. They were married in 2008. The Peytons have two daughters, Ireland and Evelyn, and a baby boy, Jonah Brian. They have 13 years of collective ministry experience as associate pastors in the midwest working with children, students, and young adults. The dream to start a new life-giving church back home, here in Tampa, has been growing in their hearts for the past two years. That dream will become a reality in September 2019.

With the Peytons, what you see is what you get. They are imperfect people, with an imperfect marriage, imperfectly parenting imperfect children –– but they have placed their lives into the hands of a perfect God who is daily making them more and more like Jesus. They use their imperfect story to encourage, lead towards and reveal Jesus through their lives.

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